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March 2020

中文中幕无码亚洲视频Headquarters to one of the leading publishers in Tokyo, the Shogakukan Building was constructed after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The highly efficient Shogakukan Building has a Thermo Active Building System (TABS) that uses unique corrugated-shaped floor slabs that use the heat capacity of the reinforced concreate structure to heat and cool the building. Other topics include fan filter units and terminal units in series, IEQ performance in older vs. newer buildings and residential ventilation systems.

Features and Columns from the March 2020 issue:
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March 2020 Letters

Solving the “Tug of War”: Using Fan Filter Units with EC Motors and Terminal Units in Series
2020 ASHRAE Technology Awards
ASHRAE Technology Award of Engineering Excellence: Shogakukan Building: Thermo Active Building System Creates Comfort, Energy Efficiency
Inventing the Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor
AHR Expo Wrap-Up: Embracing Innovation

Standing Columns:
IEQ Applications: Older vs. Newer University Buildings: Comparing IEQ and Overall Performance
Refrigeration Applications: Why Zeotropes Upset Me
Residential Applications: Progress and Challenges: Residential Ventilation Systems


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Since 1894, ASHRAE has seen technological advances from primary/ secondary cooling to thermal energy storage for cooling applications. A series of articles exploring the evolution of these technologies and more are being published monthly in ASHRAE Journal中文中幕无码亚洲视频. They include:

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pdf_icon.png History of Cleanrooms

pdf_icon.png The Golden Age of Cooling

pdf_icon.png The Evolution of Primary/Secondary Cooling

AMCA inmotion

中文中幕无码亚洲视频This year's AMCA inmotion includes guidance on using fan energy index (FEI) in variable-air-volume-system design, how remote automated testing of life-safety dampers works, and a summary of recent air-curtain research. An article on air distribution design for comfort in high performance air systems furthers discussion started in a 2018 inmotion article.


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